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  Maintaining Client Relationships & How To Upsell Quickly

At this point, you've secured a client on a freelance contract. Congrats.

Now, we just must make sure we keep cashing in monthly. This section will be relatively short because its fairly simple.

You have to continue to perform at a high level for these guys and get them results. This isn't hard, again, because you have a skill and you've already gotten results(most likely).

I recommend having a weekly call or exchange to stay on the same page and let the client know you're putting in work.

That works well.

Always make sure you're treating them with respect and politeness.'s the fun part.

After 3 weeks in your first retainer deal, were gonna upsell em'.


Find something that you noticed within the first 3 weeks that could be a lot better. Say nothing about it. Then, week 3 start hitting your client with it.

Mention it here and there, then right before pay day, upsell them.

Tell them you'll start doing 'x' which will boost their revenue, sales, conversions etc., make sure to focus heavy on results and make it seem extremely important.

They again, are very willing to pay you more after they've already paid you once and are satisfied with your efforts.

This is a good way to collect a bit more $$$.

So, upsell them about 15-25% of what your current retainer is. Nothing crazy but not too small. Just enough for them to say yes and keep you around, and jsut enough for you to stack a few more benji's in your pocket during the next payday.

I forgot to mention this earlier...always try to collect money upfront. Half upfront, half at end of month is decent, but never after the month is over.


Get paid, then get to work, thats how it works in the freelance world.

For me, at least.